To be motivated, honest, and truly dynamic in all our workings, so that we remain a source of quality products for our valued business partners - with reliability, sustainability, and profitability!

About Dynamic Sportswear

Dynamic Sportswear is a privately held company, with over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and export of all types of
Socks/Leggings for the global market.

As a one stop shop, full service organization, Dynamic continually pursues innovative products that satisfy the most stringent and discerning
requirements of its customers - ranging from the upscale to the bulk economy of Hosiery Products.

Dynamic is a fully certified company, production facility, and inventory management firm with an annual turnaround of approx. ~ US$16 million.
We have an American Office in Atlanta and a Head office/ Factory in Lahore, Pakistan.
Our specialization lies in the design, construction, sampling, bulk-production, and delivery of all types of Hosiery
Goods for Men, Ladies and Children - of all Sizes.

Dynamic’s main offerings include:
Casual socks / Sports socks / Dress socks / Work socks / Medical Socks - diabetic &
compression / Fashion Socks / Tights & kids Leggings

Information Snapshot

Company Name:

Dynamic Sportswear PVT LTD.









Email address:

info@dynamicsportswear.com / directors@dynamicsportswear.com

Geographical Location:

From (International Allama Iqbal Airport) to (Location of Factory) = 30 minutes by car

Year of Establishment:

1992 |No. of employees: 1000



Main Articles:

All types of Socks, Tights, kids Leggings


Domestic: None |Export: Approx. $16 million per Annum


Local: 0% | Export: 100%

Vertically integrated:




Capacity (socks):

Per day: 15,000 dozens | Per month: 450,000 dozens |Per year: 5,400,000 dozens

Capacity (leggings):

Per day: 14,000 pieces |Per month: 420,000 pieces | Per year: 5,040,000 pieces

Min. Order Quantity:

6 style + colors of 500 dozens each = 3000 dozens Total (Negotiable)

Lead Time:

Sample: 1 week (Basic) |Production: 10-12 weeks (first PO) 2 weeks (Yarn dyed articles) 8-10 weeks (repeat orders)

Dynamic Knitting Division

With our Customers in mind, we have ensured that we can cater to a number of designs/combinations in a single
order - whether small or large and yet offer a reasonable price for our product.

We are a fully integrated vertical unit with latest addition of S by S (Stitch by Stitch seamless Toe-Linking)
Lonati machines – first in Pakistan.

We have unlimited design capability and can manufacture all types of heel formats (i.e. Y-Heel,
Reciprocated/Real, Pouch, Tube) using latest Computerized Italian Machines.